Pharmaceutical Executive December 2015

December 2015 | Volume 35, Issue 12
Pharmaceutical Executive December 2015
From the Editor
A new discipline—population health—contests disease treatment as an end in itself. It asks: besides advancing the science of medicine, what do biopharmaceuticals actually do to improve health overall?
Can we use a broader understanding of stakeholders’ differing definitions of value to support new commercial engagement approaches? The answer is yes, writes Susan Abedi.
The Cleveland Clinic’s 2016 Medical Innovation Summit capped its yearly event with a Late Show-style Top 10 list bolstering “Amazing Science.” Casey McDonald reports.
The eight trends brought on by “once-and-done” interventions that may transform thinking around healthcare marketing.
It's open season on pharmaceutical companies, as Congressional committees ramp up industry oversight and political candidates on all sides look to win points by attacking drug pricing and marketing.
The Council of Europe is the latest group to jump into the drug-pricing debate blazing its way through continent.
Pharm Exec talks with David Dosa, a leading physician in geriatric medicine, whose famous work with a cat named Oscar in end-of-life diagnostics became the stuff of therapeutic legend.
The pharma and biotech business is coming off a strong year but headwinds persist—a clear product strategy, focused around a more demanding customer base, is the best way to ensure smooth sailing in 2016.
Four years after first meeting Steve Collis, Pharm Exec catches up with the AmerisourceBergen CEO to see how he’s faring on the central question of leadership—can one man change a company?
Casey McDonald visits with industry and regulatory officials in Bogotá to discuss Colombia’s strategy for growing its life sciences enterprise.
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