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Deals Articles
Mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and product licensing. Plus, strategies and tactics for better deal-making

A Season in Financial Hell

April 1, 2009

From the depths of the Great Recession, Pharm Exec called in pros on all sides of the M&A business to help us deal.

Stream Power

February 1, 2009

Convert future revenue into present value with alternative approaches to access capital.

Place Your Bets

September 1, 2008

The industry is a-changing. Here are eight seminal events that describe how.

Big Deals

February 1, 2008

Many say licensing is the new R&D. We've rounded up the unions to watch from the third quarter of 2007.

M&A: Panning for Gold

September 1, 2007

here's a solid case to be made for choosing A. The market for deals has been robust through the first half of 2007. A Cowen research report counted 10 public deals done by July 2007, compared with 14 for all of 2006. Another data source, Irving Levin Associates, cites 455 public and private healthcare deals in the first six months of 2007, a 12 percent decrease from the same period last year—but an 18 percent rise in deal value.

Actavis Going Private?

July 3, 2007

The month in deals: Merck KGaA's generics unit goes to Mylan; Genzyme acquires its partner in a key oncology drug; and Amgen makes significant acquisitions in kidney disease and diabetes/inflammatory diseases

A Very Specialty Moment

June 1, 2007

While the most sought-after opinion leaders are often older, well-established physicians, companies should also be aware of the rising stars. Younger, up-and-coming specialists who are beginning to publish are often more cutting-edge and open to experimental approaches.

Deals: Roche Goes Shopping

May 1, 2007

Back in 2003, Roche resolved a long-standing lawsuit with Igen International by acquiring the company. As part of the deal, Roche acquired a perpetual license to use the Igen technology that gave rise to the lawsuit—electrochemiluminescence (ECL)—in certain applications. Igen's ECL patents, meanwhile, were assigned to a new publicly held spin-off company focusing on biosecurity testing, clinical point-of-care products, and vaccines. In March, Roche announced that it was acquiring the spin-off, Maryland-based BioVeris, for $21.50 per share, or a total of about $600 million.

Spend Trends 2007: Hang 10

May 1, 2007

Direct-to-consumer advertising officially becomes a "tweenager" this August—and, oh my, how it has grown. DTC was officially born in 1997 when FDA gave the green light to companies to advertise their drugs to consumers. In the first year, pharmaceutical marketers bounded onto the scene and spent more than $1 billion. Years passed. Debates ensued. Patients learned more about drugs. And, yes, spending grew. The latest available figures for 2006 show that the industry spent $4.8 billion on DTC advertising, a 13 percent increase over 2005 and the second year of double-digit growth.


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