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Drug Development

Develop Drugs for People, Not Just Bodies

December 1, 2013

A patient-centric approach to drug development delivers the benefits that actually create value, writes Charlotte Vansgaard and Mikkel Brok-Kristensen.

Structural Forces Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry

October 15, 2013

Patrick Lindsay, president of UBC sits down with Editorial Director Bill Loony to discusses the issues UBC confronts as it offers support services to pharmaceutical companies

Thoughtleader: John Bailye, Dendrite

February 1, 2007

Doctors want to know what's hot in the market, not read a new brochure on a nine-year product that doctors have already been using.

From the Editor: Left Out

January 1, 2007

A new GAO report sets out to explain why drug development is so expensive and what to do about it. What the report says is important, but what it leaves out is a sense of how the world of pharma actually works.


December 1, 2006

This year's Pipeline Report profiles 32 compounds that are the early fruit of pharma's investment in targeted drug design. In diabetes, HIV, hepatitis C—and especially oncology—vibrant R&D is set to revolutionize treatment with new classes of drugs over the coming decade. We spotlight today's geeky names—the DPP-IVs and MK-0518s, the Tykerbs and Telaprevirs—that are most likely to be tomorrow's glam blockbusters. Even the year's downers—we're still waiting on Acomplia, Exubera is failing to live up to the hype—are reminders of how improvements in drug development, such as Phase 0, are helping industry in its drive to become more effective. Although riskier than squeezing me-too drugs out of proven products, targeted R&D is lighting pathways not only to cures of killer diseases but to a fresh paradigm of progress and profits, and to renewed confidence in the pharmaceutical industry. From where we stand, the future looks bright.

Learn & Confirm

October 1, 2006

In revamping its R&D department, Wyeth "really looked for people who were not going to give us the same old, 'This is how you do pharmaceutical development, dah-dah-dah,' but who could really think of different ways of doing things."

Born Again

October 1, 2006

Most people have never heard of psychotic depression, but they are familiar with the case of Andrea Yates, who tragically murdered her children during an episode of the disease.

Thoughtleader: Rob Scott, AtheroGenics

October 1, 2006

With "launched the world's best-selling drug" on his resume, Rob Scott was ready for his next professional endeavour. The former Pfizer executive is now head of R&D and chief medical officer at AtheroGenics, named for the signature technology that's being used to develop AGI-1067, a cardiovascular anti-inflammatory in late Phase III clinical trials.

Thoughtleader: Small Cost, Big Win

September 1, 2006

Just because outside contractors and vendors are experts does not mean everything will happen exactly the way you want it to. There's a lot of oversight.


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