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Whatever Happened To Faster Reimbursement For Generics In Europe?

April 1, 2014

The plan to accelerate generic pricing and reimbursement has become another tragic European casualty.

UDG Healthcare Integrates Sales, Marketing and Medical Services Offerings

February 4, 2014

UDG Healthcare Integrates Sales, Marketing and Medical Services Offerings

Will Europe's Regulatory Watchdog Come Of Age In 2014?

February 1, 2014

Reflector looks at the growing pains of the European Medicine Agency (EMA) as it faces key policy challenges of 2014.

Russia's Bet on Biopharma

January 21, 2014

Can innovation trump ideology? Russia faces a stark choice in betting on the visible hand of government in promoting a "world class" biopharmaceutical sector, writes William Looney.

Pay for Delay?

October 1, 2013

Europe follows the United States with a harsh new spotlight on agreements that slow generic entry for medicines losing exclusivity.

Divining the Future of Devices

October 1, 2013

European efforts to crack down on safety and pricing issues in the marketing of medical devices may portend long-term problems for Big Pharma.

T-TIPing the Balance in Industry's Favor

September 1, 2013

By the start of 2014, industry expects to have a clearer idea of how far the US-EU free trade pact is going.

The Cancer Drugs Fund under NHS England: Q1 Results

August 27, 2013

NHS England (NHSE) has just released the first data covering the first quarter of financial year 2013/14 on the Cancer Drug Fund. Leela Barham assesses the results.

Pharma Bids for European Funding in New Research Program

August 1, 2013

The ?70 billion budget is still subject to final agreement on the European Union's overall spending plans for 2014-2020.


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