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The Best Price for the Most Revenue

February 18, 2014

A global life-cycle management strategy should be baked into a drug's initial price at launch, write Alice Swearingen and Patrick Homer.

Bridging the Hidden Hurdle in Cancer Cures

September 1, 2011

Diagnostics can bost the efficacy of drug treatments, but delivering the promise depends on a predictible pathway to reimbursement.

The Price is Wrong

July 30, 2007

Of all pharma's marketing tactics, the hardest to swallow was "marketing the spread." This was a scheme developed in the 1990s for physician-administered drugs (PADs)—injectables, cancer drugs, etc., which are purchased from wholesalers by physicians and reimbursed by Medicare or third-party payers. Until recently, reimbursement was based on Average Wholesale Price (AWP). This sounds like it ought to mean the average of prices paid to wholesalers, but in practice, it was always closer to sticker price. Manufacturers discovered that they could give physicians a tidy bonus by creating a spread between AWP and what docs paid.

Roundtable: Deficit Reduction Act

November 1, 2006

The Deficit Reduction Act was designed to save the government money on Medicaid. But it also has the potential to change the very way pharma companies conduct business—if they can just figure it out.


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