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Corporate strategies and tactics for more effective drug development.

Pharmacies — A New Patient Education Opportunity

February 25, 2013

Kenneth Getz of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development looks at leveraging pharmacists as a channel to raise clinical research literacy among patient communities.

Open Innovation in Pharma: Defining the Dialogue

September 1, 2012

There is much talk today about "open innovation" in business and research forums—but what exactly does it mean? How does open innovation as a concept apply to the pharmaceutical sector? Does it signal a change in the way pharmaceutical companies approach research and innovation?

Raising the Stakes in CNS

June 1, 2012

As brands are required to produce more and more data to convince not only regulators, but payers, physicians, and patients, Jeffrey Jonas is pushing Shire's "search and develop" R&D model into new and sometimes uncomfortable territory.

Managing Information Overload

May 1, 2012

Companies know they need regulatory information management. What they don't always know is where to start and how to weave this vital capability across the enterprise.

The Pharma Revolution Recalibrated

November 1, 2011

Industry critics point to a lag in NME approvals as proof of innovation stagnation, but combination products and new delivery systems are quietly saving lives, and bringing in big dollars.

Front and Center in the Fight against TB

September 1, 2011

Pharm Exec talks to Dr. Mel Spigelman, President and CEO of the TB Alliance, about the organization's tuberculosis priorities.

The Power of Observation

September 1, 2011

Observational studies present a compelling real-world corollary to the classic randomized clinical trial.

Innovating Around Innovation

September 1, 2011

Richard Barker, former Director General of ABPI, proposes a new agenda on how to restore public confidence in the value behind science.

Complex Biologics: The View from Teva

September 1, 2011

Industry and regulators alike must graple with the sensitivities associated with developing biosimilar drugs.


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