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Ortho-McNeil Talks ADHD On Facebook

July 16, 2008

The Johnson & Johnson subsidiary launched an unbranded support group page on social networking site Facebook giving moms of kids with ADHD a place to learn, but not a place to converse.

J&J Goes From Boob Tube to YouTube

July 10, 2008

Johnson & Johnson launched its healthcare video channel on Google?s YouTube, signaling pharma?s further entrenchment into the online community

Genzyme Launches Digital Assault on Counterfeiters

May 14, 2008

Rather than wait to see which ePedigree legislation becomes law, biotech firm Genzyme has taken the initiative and implemented an electronic track-and-trace program to clamp down on fake meds.

Researchers to Share Ideas in Virtual Park

May 14, 2008

The Hershey Center for Applied Research is bringing social networking to researchers and academics with a new platform that could become a Facebook for the life science community. Does the site, dubbed KnowledgeMesh, have what it takes cut through the Web 2.0 clutter? Pharm Exec takes a closer look.

Sermo Joins With Med Mags

May 7, 2008

Still hoping the journal article on your drug's adverse reactions will go unnoticed? Think again. A new partnership between medical journals and physician social networking site Sermo just made chatting about drugs a lot easier.

Congress to Consider National ePedigree Standard

April 30, 2008

New bipartisan bill calls for the standardization of an electronic pedigree across the US pharma supply chain. Is this a good thing, or just more work for pharma?

Pharma Bands Together to Share Information

April 30, 2008

Bill Gates and Co. officially released Office for Business Applications (OBA) for the life sciences industry. This set of tools allows software developers to build applications that seamlessly connect back-end enterprise systems with MS Office programs.

Pharma to Consumers: "Text Us"

April 9, 2008

GSK, Pfizer, and Merck have jumped on the cell-phone marketing bandwagon, but most of pharma is still tiptoeing around the technology. A new report details how pharma can get consumers to text for health info.

ePedigree? Not So Fast

April 2, 2008

California's plan for full-blown ePedigree implementation by 2009 just got a reality check. The hang-up? The systems are cost more and are taking longer than expected to get up and running.


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