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It's All in the Details
Delivering the right information to the right rep at the right time can greatly increase sales force effectiveness.

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  • user-friendly and accessible when and where the user needs it
  • convenient, based on the quantity and frequency of input and output
  • able to provide appropriate triggering of a recommended task (such as e-mail notification)
  • compatible with the content it needs to deliver (paper, visual, aural).

The volume of data to be communicated is also critical. High volume is best communicated via a computer with a high-speed connection. Once the device is determined, the medium must be identified. Information accessed on a personal computer may be delivered through an e-mail workbook or over the internet. The recipient's day-to-day access to a high-speed internet connection would be one limiting factor.

Investments in technology and sophisticated data analyses will have a significant effect on sales force effectiveness only if the sales team can access, understand, and apply the insights gleaned from the data. So, when designing information tools to help reps meet their sales goals, managers must take care that those tools match the tasks at hand. Sales managers must know their users' goals, support the key tasks that meet individual and business goals, and ensure that information supports those tasks.

By adhering to these guidelines, product and sales managers can determine the report content, format, and delivery that will help reps make the best use of information and time. And by deploying resources more efficiently, managers should see significant improvements in sales force effectiveness.


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