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Direct to Consumer Want Lifetime Customers?
Invest in a compliance strategy that changes with the patient.

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In contrast, the risk information only replaces the brief summary on the back of the DTC ad and does not contain all the information a PPI contains.

The most forward thinkers in the industry are developing patient medication instructions for use during Phase II clinical trials. Given that trial results depend on proper medication usage, noncompliance is a big problem. This is why the patient medication instructions should approximate those of an FDA-approved PPI. With better compliance, dosage determined through clinical trials will be more accurate.

Companies should also see that as an opportunity to put the patient instructions through testing. Feedback from the study patients can help the product team develop the most effective dosing instructions. In addition, by beginning the development of the PPI during Phase III, the product team avoids the last- minute panic to develop a PPI to be submitted with the NDA.

Keeping patients has less to do with the size of your advertising budget and more to do with understanding how to deliver information so it meets patients' needs. Not only will that help the brand by increasing the promotional return of DTC, but it will help boost the company's bottom line by creating long-term customers.

There is no "quick fix"—every product requires different strategies. But if companies spend the money up front to develop a good patient compliance strategy for their brand, they should be able to watch their sales skyrocket!


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