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The Thinking Behind the Poster Abelson-Taylor developed the signature Rx Club Awards call for entries poster for the 2004 competition. "The idea was to have your stereotypical art director, dressed in black and complete with iPod, digging in the filth and mud of the river looking for Rx Club gold," says art director and 2004 Rx Club awards judge Noah Lowenthal, who worked with creative director Stephen Neale and copywriter Barry Levine on the piece. Here's an interesting factoid: the poster was created from a picture taken in 1890.

Self-Promotion For creative done right, agencies do it themselves.In some ways, agency business-to-business advertising is the truest gauge of the industry's creativity because it lets agencies do what they do best—without client concerns getting in the way. Sure to get a laugh, Gerbig Snell/Weisheimer took a gold for its clever "Worldwide Taxi Cab Mailer," which announced GSW's new New York office. Creative director Barry Schmader and his team at Dudnyk Healthcare Group took a silver for the attention-grabbing "Lock" ad, which uses stark imagery to convey its tagline: to help clients "find their voices." Another breakthrough was Adair-Green's "The Cure for the Young Brand Blues Ad Campaign." "One of our assistant directors in copy was very involved with the local Atlanta blues community," says Mark Perlotto, executive vice-president. The agency composed songs and partnered with blues players to record them. CDs were used as direct-mail pieces. "There seems to be a lot of sameness out there," says Perlotto. "We wanted our message to be differentiated—not just a cool graphic or shocking photo—and speak more broadly than just the creative component."

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