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Marketing to Professionals: E-Detailing as CRM
Integrated e-detailing provides a new platform for marketers.

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Timely and actionable reporting is important in the integrated e-detailing model. Extranet websites and marketing dashboards include comprehensive real-time reporting on aggregate trends and detail activity, whereas analytical reports compare the performance results with target metrics. Program response analysis can help pharma marketers determine whether the messages are resonating with the physicians, enabling timely adjustments online and in the field.

E-Detailing Fast Track
Automatic e-mail notification or sales force automation systems can alert reps when physicians in their territory complete an e-detail. The notification can also contain information gleaned from the physician's interaction, such as brand preferences, key product values, or additional information requests. By focusing on relevant information and avoiding messages that won't work, integrated e-detailing can lead to a more productive face-to-face interaction with healthcare professionals. In fact, knowing physicians' attitudes increases a brand's prescribing probability by 40 percent, according to Datamonitor.

Integrated e-details are designed to support the existing sales force and to encourage requests for follow-up rep visits. Far from disintermediating the sales force, integrated e-detailing has become a potent tool for getting the brand's reps invited into key no-see physicians' and restricted-access practices. It's that kind of integration that can build the physician relationship model of the future—one that aligns the goals of the marketing team, the field sales organization, and their most important customer, the physician.
Awards The Association of Medical Publications hosted The Doctors' Choice Awards, honoring journal ads highly rated by physicians. The 200 most-advertised products of 2003 were scrutinized by 11,100 doctors. Nominees for the four highest-scoring ads across all categories, 14 therapeutic ones and four ad sizes (one to four-plus pages), included two gastroenterological products, Shire's Pentasa (mesalamine), created by Abelson-Taylor, TAP Pharmaceutical's Prevacid (lansoprazole), also by Abelson-Taylor; an anti-infective, Bayer's Cipro XR (ciprofloxacin), by Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift; and a pediatric allergy treatment, Dey's EpiPen2Pak/ EpiPen Jr (epinephrine), from Wishbone. The overall winner was the ad for Pentasa. Intellisphere's MD NetGuide named the winners of this year's Nettie Awards honoring excellence on the medical internet: best CME directory: annotated list by Bernard Sklar ( most innovative: Johns Hopkins Antibiotics Guide (; best online CME provider: Baylor College of Medicine (; best news provider: MD Linx (; best overall:; most patient-friendly: (http://; best physician-authorized site: Depression Central (; best site created by a patient or lay person: (; best multimedia: Your Genes Your Health (; best design: Alzheimer's Association (;

Launch Emotion-based behavior insight and messaging firm Brain Surgery Worldwide offers a new research tool, "Connection Drivers," which maps a brand's primary emotion drivers for different customer groups.

People CMP Healthcare added Amy Birnbach as national sales manager of Applied Neurology and Stephen Gephart as its regional sales manager. Trinity Communications welcomes Amy Keane-Wright as vice-president, client services and Rhonda Croxton, PhD, as a medical writer. Kim Michalski was promoted to senior account executive.


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