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Conflict Resolution
In the dangerous intersection of content, conflict, and compliance, med ed needs the fourth "c," context, to stay out of harm's way.

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"Timeline Implementing the Updated SCS is a process of change. After May 2005, as providers start new activities, we expect that they will implement the new elements of the Updated SCS. I need to emphasize that there are a limited number of new elements in the 2004 document. We understand that it will take some time, energy, and resources to implement something new, and we expect that providers will have the time to make this transition."

"Demonstrating Compliance The range of strategies and tactics that providers will adopt is yet to be seen; most mechanisms have not yet been described. ACCME has offered some clarification and examples, but ultimately the providers will decide how they will practice. Providers know that ACCME operates under an improvement model. When they are out of compliance, it is their responsibility to come into compliance within a designated period, usually a year. We require that providers demonstrate this improvement in an ACCME Progress Report, a description of current practice accompanied by documentation that verifies compliance. In our experience, 90 percent of providers who are not in compliance can and do demonstrate compliance by the end of one year. Virtually every time, the remaining 10 percent are in compliance after another six months. We know that this improvement model works. We rarely have to take away accreditation, but we do it on occasion."

"Implementation and Enforcement The ACCME considers itself a voluntary, self-regulated system—not a regulatory body. We fundamentally do not believe that enforcement is the major cause of compliance. We believe that we are an organization that articulates the standards that reflect the values of the profession to people who understand the values of the profession. In that context, no enforcement or regulation is required. We do not need to force providers into compliance. When people share your values and they know exactly what the requirements mean, they will implement them. That is the case with the vast majority of accredited providers within the ACCME system."

Special thanks to Andréa Azpeitia, conference producer, for her help with this article.


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