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Alternative Media: The EMR Revolution
Physicians are the anchors of new patient adherence strategies.

Pharmaceutical Executive

Patients Speak Out
Legislation Catalyst Sen. Kennedy introduced the Healthcare Modernization Act to address—among other problems—the fact that the current system neglects health promotion and disease prevention activities that have proved to be the most effective ways of reducing healthcare costs and assuring good health.

This bill calls for the nationwide adoption of mobile EMR technology by 2011. If the measure passes, it would go a long way toward reducing the spiraling healthcare costs in a way that benefits, rather than demonizes, pharma.

Diabetes, for example, afflicts 17 million Americans. The disease accounts for $1 out of every $10 of overall health expenditures and one-quarter of total Medicare expenditures. By using proven methods of prevention and treatment such as patient adherence strategies, Kennedy believes it is possible to save 10 million Americans from diabetes-related amputations, disability, or blindness during their lives—and save more than $50 billion a year in the process.

The pharmaceutical industry currently stands in a unique position, facing an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an impending revolution in healthcare efficiency that focuses on value and results. Although some steps in the path to healthcare modernization—whether Kennedy's proposed HMA will pass, for instance, and whether the industry will be allowed to sponsor EMR and e-prescribing software for physicians—remain an unknown, the industry needs only to put its collective effort behind this new technology to finally realize a patient adherence model that works.


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