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Marketing to Professionals: We Asked, They Told
Editors tell us how their readers react to pharma-funded research.

Pharmaceutical Executive

Rafael Cosentino
Now Online We're probably more aware than the general public that most consumer websites don't write their own healthcare stories. Web publishers are often likely to use services such as Healthwise, which syndicates its content to 4,500 sites. But now Advanstar Medical Economics (AME), publisher of medical journals as well as Pharm Exec, is creating the same type of service for sites that serve physicians.

The platform, called Mediwire, will provide content to places where physicians already congregate, such as medical society, association, and hospital websites—which physicians complain often have shallow and unsophisticated offerings. But it also provides a channel for medical education and, a first for this audience, press releases specifically targeted to healthcare providers.

"There's more than 100,000 health and medical websites," says AME's online general manager Rafael Cosentino. "For healthcare professionals, finding credible and useful information on most of these sites is impossible."

A 2004 Manhattan Research report confirms that information gap: "Currently, physicians are going online looking for resources...While some organizations like the American Academy of Family Physicians are catching on with increasingly robust online offerings, many professional societies are still missing the opportunity completely."


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