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Phase Six: Regain Confidence
Not since 1997 has the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association given its Woman of the Year distinction to someone from the agency world. A former nurse, researcher and Big Pharma exec, Lynn O'Connor Vos, CEO of Grey Healthcare Group and this year's honoree, is on a mission.

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"I feel it's one of the reasons we're on the planet—to make your life interesting and make other people's lives interesting. If you're not out there, you're not doing it. Everyone here knows that that's my view. Many of them have jumped into getting engaged in boards and love it. And it's important for us to carve time out for that. It's great for the people and the company."

It's also great for the future. Vos cites a study done by Simmons College a few years back that asked kids if they would go into business. Most of the girls said no.

"One has to look in the mirror and ask why," Vos says. "What do we look like? Being in business will only be attractive to our children if we look like happy, well-rounded, enthusiastic people, and that's only going to happen if continue to reinvent ourselves."


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