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Professional Persuasion:101
Do you know a rep that couldn't use a refresher course in presentation skills?

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THE DETAIL PIECE It takes reps only a few seconds to identify the key sales and marketing messages that they are expected to deliver.
Doctor: Nothing in particular, it's probably more habit than anything special about the product.

Rep: Habits are a challenge to break. But your patients may find XYZ Eye Drops are easier to use. Dosing is once a day compared to four times a day for Competitor B. Have any of your patients told you they forget to use their eye drops?

Doctor: Yes, patients have complained about forgetting. Compliance is an issue with eye drops.

Rep: XYZ Eye Drops offer a much more convenient dosing schedule for patients and in a three-week, well-controlled trial, 98 percent of patients experienced relief of dry-eye symptoms within 48 hours.

Doctor: Mmm.

Rep: So, Doctor, what do you think about this information?

Doctor: Interesting.

Rep: XYZ Eye Drops offer your patients a fast onset of action, once daily dosing, and is safe enough for pediatric use. Doctor, do you think your patients would prefer a more convenient dosing schedule with a fast onset of action for their dry, itchy eyes?

THE Clinical Paper After a quick read of the abstract, reps should be able to summarize the key findings of a medical journal article.
Doctor: Probably, but what about managed care? Is it covered?

Rep: I'm glad you asked that. XYZ Eye Drops are covered on all of your patient plans. And the American Academy of Ophthalmology guidelines state that once-daily dosing of eye drops is standard of care. So, Doctor, when you prescribe XYZ Eye Drops, you give your patients a fast onset of action, once- daily dosing, and an eye drop safe enough for pediatric use. Will you prescribe XYZ Eye Drops at your next opportunity?

Doctor: I can't think of any reason why I wouldn't.

Rep: Excellent. How many samples do you think you'll need for the next two weeks?

Try role-playing different scenarios like the one outlined above. Remember, a one-page detail piece is relatively easy to do. You can find a summary of the main marketing message at the top and near the bottom of the detail piece. If you are given a multi-page detail piece, you'll notice that each page focuses on a different feature and benefit. Look at the last page. There you will find the summary of the main points. Use this to guide you through the entire sales piece.

The Clinical Paper Don't panic. If you've never seen a clinical paper before, and almost no one has before they work in the industry, the first place to look is the abstract, which is located on the front page of the clinical paper and is a summary of the key information and findings that are presented in it. At the top of the page is the title of the paper, the authors, the publishers, and other information. Then, the abstract has a summary of the key findings in the clinical paper.

Here are the ma in points to cover in your sales pitch using the abstract.

  • Title of paper
  • Author(s)
  • Publication (What journal is it published in?)
  • Date
  • Study design
  • Number of patients in study
  • Results
  • Key points (What are the selling points that strengthen the product benefits?)

The exercise below will take you through a practice role-play using a clinical paper covering the key findings in the clinical paper on XYZ Eye Drops.

Exercise: Role-Play Using the Clinical Paper Abstract


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