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Professional Persuasion:101
Do you know a rep that couldn't use a refresher course in presentation skills?

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The PI lists all the information that was required and approved by the FDA. In short, the PI is the labeling or prescribing information for a drug. The information approved on the PI is the only information a sales representative can provide to prescribers. It is an excellent resource and is often used in detailing by sales representatives when a prescriber asks questions like, "What does the PI say about visual disturbance with your drug?" "Have you ever heard of anyone getting a rash when using your drug?" You would look in the precautions and adverse events section for this information.

Sometimes a doctor will want to know more about a drug, or has a specific question not addressed in the PI. One thing you can do is send a request to the Drug Information Services department of your company for a literature search to answer these questions for the doctor.

The PI is also used in detailing by sales reps when comparing their drug to a competitor's drug. For example, you might compare the incidence of headache or gastric distress for your drug with a competitor's product. Often the PI has charts showing some of the more common side effects and the incidence of these side effects. Sometimes prescribers will ask how a side effect of your drug compares with your competitor. You can find out by comparing the PI for both drugs.

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