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Superstar Selection
Take your time interviewing and hiring your next rep—it will pay off for years to come.

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As the interviewer, you also need to do some follow-up:

  • When you talk to references, describe what a pharmaceutical rep does and ask them to describe how the candidates' skills and abilities match the job description.
  • Ask the references to describe three of the candidates' strengths and three areas for improvement.

Taking the time to make the right selection will pay off significantly in months and years to come. It takes a few days to hire someone; but it could take years for an individual to exit a company. Remember, new hires are a representation of you, your company, and the entire industry.

Joe Renda, formerly the director of US management development for Pfizer, oversees business operations for Pfizer's US pharmaceutical learning and development organization. Matt Moyer is the manager of specialty representative and leadership training at The Medicines Company in Parsippany, New Jersey. He can be reached at


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