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Chief of Staph
Many said it couldn't be done, but one small company is about to get a step ahead of one giant killer bug.

Pharmaceutical Executive

Why Look for Cures? Despite vaccines' excellent track record, most Big Pharma companies that pursued other avenues of attack find themselves in the difficult position of commercializing antibiotics that have been made virtually impotent by the constant mutation and evolution of the hardiest of the planet's inhabitants. Even the CDC, in its recently released "Public Action Plan to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance," emphasizes the urgent need for better education in dealing with the misuse of antibiotics. And while that worrisome to Nabi's leaders and workforce, it's not their main concern. To illustrate their focus, Jooste asks a simple question: "Why bother looking for a cure when you can prevent it in the first place?" As obvious as that sounds, Nabi's on to something big. Like a Jackson Pollock painting, people look at it and think, "I could have done that." But, they didn't—Nabi did.


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