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What Pharma Wants From IT Today
The 2005 Pharmaceutical Executive/Life Science Insights Information Technology Survey

Pharmaceutical Executive

No vendor can do it all Technology is changing too rapidly for one vendor to offer one-stop-shopping and excel in all capabilities.

Recommendations for IT Vendors Know your buyer It is critical that you understand which groups within an organization hold the primary responsibility throughout the acquisition and implementation process. Business unit managers play the greatest role in identifying the business need for the IT solution. The corporate IT department has the most influence in evaluating and recommending specific IT vendors, although local IT departments also play a role at this stage. Executives in finance and procurement approve the final purchase, and top IT management approves the vendor of choice.

Demonstrate industry and product knowledge Buyers are looking for vendors with high-quality, reliable solutions, who also understand their business. IT suppliers that seek to be the vendor of choice should highlight their technical expertise and demonstrate an understanding of their business and industry.

Offer top-notch technical support Respondents noted technology support as the number-three factor in their decision to use a specific vendor.

Deliver best-of-breed solutions in certain categories In addition, partner with other leading companies that can deliver the optimal solution for your customers.


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