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Building Common Knowledge to Get Results
When leaders take their eyes off the prize to expand their teams' perspectives, they get the outcomes they're looking for

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The class noted that the new version does not show the data manager being blamed. Instead of talking about a "delay," the leader showed the previous timeline and explained the rationale for speeding it up. Sticking to her reframed goal, she asked questions instead of pushing points. In the first case, she triggered protective responses. In this version, she inspires new ideas. In the original case, the regulatory affairs manager spoke once and walked away. In the reframing, he's an active participant.

"Take this one home," suggested classmate Gail Mazzara, vice president of R&D at Therion Biologics in Cambridge Massachusetts. "Focusing on results is the least likely way of getting results."

Merle Kummer is principal of Kummer Consulting, and directs the leadership programs of the Tufts CSDD Institute for Professional Development. She can be reached at


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