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Return on Opportunity
Investment in Convention Marketing

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Establish how the measurement will take place. With follow-up calls? Post-show surveys? Make sure it's clear.

Understand the cost of achieving this objective through alternative means. The cost associated with the office visit needs to be determined—this is a number the sales department should have readily available.

Establish non-quantitative criteria Conventions offer multiple marketing opportunities: sponsorships, symposia, and the like. The cumulative impact of these opportunities must be taken into account and can be compared with non-quantitative criteria in the office environment—limited time, the risk of not seeing the healthcare professional, and other variables.


If the objective is to have face-to-face contact with a target market, it is already clear that conventions accomplish this at a lower cost than office calls.

But there are more opportunities inherent in convention marketing. Conventions literally bring the customer to the brand, to the marketer. The customer comes for no other reason than to learn what is new and how it can provide solutions to challenges.

Conventions provide a meaningful encounter with the brand. They synergize all communications vehicles and create a total impact on the market: advertising, Web presence, programs, detailing, and non-prescription sampling. Not only do they encompass a learning/selling atmosphere, but they have the potential to put your best reps in front of your target audience. The atmosphere is bolstered by opportunities for healthcare professionals to interact with medical liaison personnel outside of the promotional area. A strategically focused convention program takes advantage of this rare opportunity for face-to-face contact and marshals brand resources to further your goals and objectives.

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