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Sales Management: The X Factor
Pharmas are developing incentive programs to keep Gen X sales reps motivated and productive.

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Transnational Corp. appointed Dr. Edward Tabor as executive director, regulatory technical services. Tabor formerly worked for FDA in the Center for Biologics Evaluations and Research and also the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.


Dr. Edward Tabor
PDI unveiled Select Access, a targeted sales force model. The model focuses on regions with the highest prescription volumes to maximize accurate and speedy results. Allergan decided to use Select Access to co-promote Zymar, a treatment for bacterial conjunctivitis. Goodhealth Worldwide launched a global health databank, created in conjunction with HTH Worldwide. The databank grants Goodhealth policyholders access to information on 3,000 hospitals, clinics, and doctors across the globe. It also includes profiles on healthcare availability in different cities and translations of medical jargon.

Accounts PDI extended its contract with Dendrite International, in order to allow its sales team to continually employ Dendrite's technology services.

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