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Alternative Media: Mobile Marketing
Through PDAs, marketers have found an efficient way to communicate with and educate physicians.

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ABX Guide
Pfizer elected to subscribe to Gene Logic's software systems, ToxExpressSystem and ToxShieldSuite. " SureScripts certified Axolotl Corporation's Elysium Web browser program. This will connect Elysium subscribers with pharmacies. " Thomson PDR has partnered with John Hopkins Point of Care InformationTechnology Center to distribute an online and PDA version of the Johns Hopkins Antibiotics (ABX) Guide. " NorthEast Medical Center selected Allscripts' TouchWorks Electronic Health Record service to connect doctors in 33 locations. " Ovid Technologies is adding more than 160 titles from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Pharmaceutical Press, and McGraw-Hill to Books@Ovid, its integrated e- books platform.


Agfaphoto hired Rick Maurer as vice president of sales.


Plexis Healthcare Systems was named the second fastest growing technology and software company in Oregon by the Portland Business Journal for 2005.

Jeffrey Tangney is SVP of sales & marketing and founder of Epocrates. He can be reached at


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