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Key Opinion Leaders Interactions with Pharma
Big pharmaceutical companies are paying the same key opinion leaders for many different services. All at the same time. And firms don't notice it because KOLs are Hidden in Silos

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OIG changed the regulatory environment by requiring companies to justify their intentions, as well as account for their payments to consultants (see "Crimes in the Closet"). To steer clear of an OIG investigation, companies must specify criteria for selecting and paying consultants. Federal regulators no longer accept, for instance, paying 30 doctors as "consultants" to listen to a conference call. If OIG argues that the doctors were paid to hear a pitch, there may be no defense. Firms do have a right to solicit input from customers and pay fair market value for it (see Medical Education Meetings, a Pharm Exec supplement, Sept. 2005). But whatever else it does, a company must document, in advance, why it hired a particular consultant, and why it paid the specific fee. In the process, a company may learn how much it pays its KOLs.

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