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Alternative Media: Targeting Audiences on the Web

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Case Studies

SEO A brand manager for a complex therapy for enlarged prostate wanted to improve search rankings and Web traffic on the product's site—both were falling below expectations of senior management. After assessing the site, the company found that the content was not consistent with search terms relevant to the brand or the condition it addressed. Rather, the site's content was focused on treatment issues. But when investigating a health condition, people typically search by symptoms.

To address the problem, the brand team included more references to symptoms, added links to other relevant sites, and arranged for other sites to link back to the company's site. Within one month, site visits increased 100 fold (by just over 1,100 percent) and page views increased by 340 percent.

SEM The same company also developed a SEM program. First, it purchased the specific symptom terms related to its brand that people were using in search engines. Second, text ads were created, and landing pages were developed to aligned with the information being sought by existing and potential users. This resulted in a click-through rate of 10 to 15 percent of site visitors.

SEM can also help counter negative impressions of a brand. One brand, for example, had received so much negative coverage in the press that a search on the product yielded text ads mostly from lawyers seeking class action participants. To drive traffic quickly to the brand's online properties—thereby minimizing the impact of legal and competitive advertising—the company made select keyword purchases. This helped ensure that the company's text ads appeared at or near the top of search pages, reducing the prominence of the legal advertising. Over a three-month period, the program attracted more than 14,000 searchers to the brand's Web site. The rate of those who visited the page and actually clicked on the ad was more than three percent, resulting in 420 potential new patients.

Internet search marketing can be a valuable asset to a brand's overall marketing plan. It can help support existing patients, complete the acquisition of new patients, and meet the information needs of health professionals. SEO and SEM enable pharma marketers to appeal to a target audience that is seeking guidance. If your marketing team doesn't help them, someone else's will.

Newly launched Pharmaceutical Institute will provides a wide array of industry-related information through a single online portal. Research and education materials are also available in the company's Raleigh, NC-based facility. • American Healthways and Healthwise are teaming up to market a virtual health coach. • Connetics, a company specialized in dermatology products, launched to dispell myths and increase awareness ot treatment options. • Blue Diesel designed a Web site for Millennium Biotechnologies, • Clinical Care Options will partner with the American Academy of HIV Medicine to create online, interactive, and multimedia products to help physicians care for HIV-positive patients.

• A partnership between HealthTalk and the Sisters Network will bring the latter organization's breast cancer fighting campaign, "Stop the Silence," online. The Web component will include patient and expert interviews, question-and-answer columns, and radio reports about breast cancer. • Universata launched two online products. The first was designed to speed the release of patient information. The second allows the exchange of electronic medical records. • Informed Medical Communications launched MRxHealth, which will focus on alternative, non-traditional marketing, including the online medium. • MBC launched, a breast cancer awareness site, for AstraZeneca.


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