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The interview process was grueling, but you came through. They loved you, and you love the job. But the offer is less money than you wanted—a lot less. The clock is ticking. What do you do?

Pharmaceutical Executive

Behind all this BS was a lot of fear, which is normal for anyone taking a bold step toward the great unknown. It's fear that triggers our need to create "stories" to justify to our friends, colleagues, family and ourselves why we can't have what we really want.

Over time Dave created new empowering beliefs, defined his career goals, created a strategy, took action, cleaned his bench of BS, revised his strategy, and took more action. He's grown more eager to trade in his beakers for a Blackberry and is interviewing for new positions with companies that value his biochemistry background and years of experience on the bench, and appear willing to put him in a new role.

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From the Coach What you know can win you a management job, but what will make you a successful manager is something else: It's the quality of your decisions and how well you work with others to maximize productivity that makes you truly valuable to your employer.

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