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Direct to Consumer: Culturally Relevant Marketing
Through culturally relevant marketing, pharma can seamlessly weave its brands into consumers' lives.

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Marketers must also be aware of another influence: consumers' online peers, whom they communicate with through blogs, wikis, and Web sites. These social networks help to define and shape the culture at large. Savvy marketers will get to know them too. After all, consumers don't only buy brands, they join them.

At the same time, many are overconfident and underqualified to properly interpret this information. By practicing relevant marketing, marketers can gain consumers' trust so they can educate and guide their brand decisions.

A Look Ahead

Pharma practices are changing for the better. Here's a snapshot of tomorrow:
  • Clinical trial results are open and accessible to the public
  • Well-educated existing patients collaborate with new patients to teach them how to administer drugs
  • Patients become conversive in discussing side effects that clinical trials might miss
  • Real stories become the main conduit for consumers' discovery of new drugs.

This vision of healthcare starts with giving patients more personalized information. Marketers should embrace this opportunity to address consumers' expectations through their brands.


The 2005 PhAME winners
The following agencies were honored at the 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Advertising and Marketing Excellence Awards (PhAME): Cline, Davis & Mann won the Public Health Award for its Partnership for Prescription Assistance ad; Grey Worldwide won Agency of the Year, and Best Media Plan and Best New Product Introduction for its Cialis campaign;

Presenter Cheryl Ladd and emcee Steve Kroft (below).
Eli Lilly won Marketer of the Year; Ruder Finn won Best Public Relations Campaign for its Zelnorm ad; Avenue A/Razorfish won Best Interactive Campaign for its Nexium ad; Saatchi & Saatchi won Best Branded TV Ad, also for Nexium; Foote Cone & Belding won Best Integrated Campaign and Best Relationship Marketing Campaign for Strattera; Dieste Harmel & Partners won Best Multicultural Ad for Sana La Rana; and Gillespie Healthcare won Best Help Seeking Ad for Plavix.

Ed Leon
Sharon De Bacco, consumer brand director at AstraZeneca, and Bob Ehrlich, CEO of DTC Perspectives, were inducted into the DTC Hall of PhAME. Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes was the emcee. Entertainer Cheryl Ladd presented the Public Health Award.


Christine Maikisch
Joseph Maynard joined Adient, a Common Health company, as executive vice president and managing director. Christine Maikisch joined as senior vice president of operations.S&R Communications selected Ed Leon and Bryan Carson as account group directors.


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