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Marketing to Professionals: The Power of Positive Feedback
Boost doctors' confidence in your brand by validating their prescription decisions.

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The "Spillover Effect" chart (top right) highlights three examples of recent patient program pilots conducted in very different therapeutic classes. Eighty-six percent (9,642 / 11,124) of the NRx generated from these patient-experience programs were contributed by "Spillover Patient NRx," and not from the actual participants of the program as shown in the "Patient NRx" column.

Yet, not all patient feedback from the survey supports this marketing strategy. Sometimes, patients do not respond positively to a particular treatment. Marketers should not ignore this kind of negative data—they should respond to it. Doctors expect to see variability among treatment outcomes. Besides, more often than not, a medication will produce a positive outcome—whether that means an actual improvement or just the stabilization of a patient's condition. So at a minimum, this tactic can provide physicians with feedback on some patients who have had positive experiences.

Customized patient-experience programs can dramatically increase the value of traditional detailing. While doctors may not pay close attention to clinical trials data presented during a rep visit, they will listen when confronted with data about their own patient population. Doctors value marketers who do their homework for them. Not only do they get information about their patients' progress, but they also learn about the efficacy of the drugs they prescribe. This personalized approach increases their efficiency and produces better patient outcomes.

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People Torre Lazur McCann hired Randy Morris as creative director. Interlink Healthcare Communnications promoted several employees: Nancy Schwartz to vice president and account supervisor, Leandra Skorochod to senior account coordinator, Katie Burns to assistant account executive, and Brian Barry to copywriter. The company also hired several new people: Colleen Zester and Kevin Stone as vice presidents and account supervisors; Daniel Crossin as senior account coordninato; and Sindy Wan, Elizabeth Butterfield, and Marc Goldfarb as account coordninators. GSW Worldwide hired new people at its New York office: Cory Myers as senior art director, Susan Orzel-Biggs as director of editorial services, Lina Perex as account executive, Kristan Reid as vice president and managment supervisor, and Christopher Schobert as director of creative operations. Advanced Clinical Communications hired Michael Kodack as president, and Vivian Pagoulatos as vice president, of account services. The Mattson Jack Group hired Eric G. John as vice president of marketing research, and Bernadete MB Piassa as senior project director for the marketing research team.

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Launches MGI Pharma selected GSW Worldwide as its agency of record. Gene Guselli is president and CEO of InfoMedics. He can be reached at


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