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e-Marketing at the Tipping Point

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Today's successful pharma marketers can create whole worlds of content through technology-driven programs, engaging consumers on the Web with sights and sounds. This is what the Internet should be used for—not just putting static words up on a screen.

These kinds of interactive programs deliver focused messages to physicians and patients who are already online looking for credible information. They offer the following benefits:

Become an information source If manufacturers can establish more trusted relationships by providing credible information, patients will look to the pharmaceutical industry as a source for that information. A Forrester Research survey showed that nearly 50 percent of disease sufferers surveyed would share medical data with a drug company in exchange for personalized information about new drugs and clinical trials.

Improve compliance programs With up-to-date and accurate compliance programs, companies can drive revenue more effectively, and for less investment, than having to attract a new patient over time. To track that, marketers need to look closely at which tactics are driving revenues—not only new prescriptions, but also total prescriptions (TRx).

Create another channel According to the McKinsey quarterly survey, "Making More of Pharma Sales Force," if 100 reps call on a physician on any given day, only 12 reps speak to physicians, and only eight of those who do speak to them deliver messages that are actually remembered.

With only eight percent of reps making any kind of impact on doctors, e-marketing offers a way to extend the value proposition associated with a brand.

It is time to embrace the e-marketing revolution, and tip the scales over toward the "purple cows." Online tactics offer advantages through the technology that can't be equaled by traditional printed marketing pieces. Technology will continue to evolve, so the exciting thing about being a marketer today is the ability to experiment at the forefront of the digital revolution—riding a wave that could not be imagined only ten years ago.

David L. Stern is executive vice president of metabolic endocrinology at Serono. He can be reached at


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