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Marketing to Professionals: Streamlined Scheduling
Better scheduling of sales visits can increase doctors' receptivity to reps.

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Look Who´s Talking
The same survey found that seven percent of offices across all specialties ban reps; the prevalence of this varies across the country. For example, in New Jersey, approximately six percent of medical offices refuse to see reps, while in Massachusetts, that number is closer to 16 percent. In one extreme example, a New England rep carrying three widely different drugs reported that 94 of 125 target physicians were not accessible. A 2004 survey conducted by PreferredTime found that of 5,475 offices within the Northeast, nine percent had no-see policies in place.

Implications for Pharma

Office Hours
More efficient scheduling can help pharma promote its products more successfully. With fewer scheduling conflicts, reps can avoid wasted trips to doctors' offices and long waits to see them. Plus, this gives them a competitive edge over other reps who may be waiting in the parking lot or lobby to speak with the same physician. Further, streamlined scheduling allows reps to organize their entire schedules from one source, which enables them to be effective immediately upon entering a new territory, since their training need only comprise product knowledge rather than office idiosyncrasies.

The Future of Live Detailing

In the current medical office climate, live detailing faces a number of challenges and threats, including e-detailing, a Web-based method of selling that replaces face-to-face interactions between reps and physicians.

However, better scheduling can restore faith in the live detail visit and reduce the frustrations associated with unscheduled pharmaceutical rep visits. Reps can see time savings and improved relationships with physicians. Doctors, in turn, can devote more time to patients, and in turn, will have a better attitude toward reps. With this infrastructure in place, the pharmaceutical industry can function as it once did, sending skilled reps on successful sales calls that are well-received by physicians.

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