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Marketing to Professionals: Under the Influence
Marketers should target the doctors who affect change in the medical community.

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Identify Opponents

Each network has a few key opinion leaders who may not feel positively about certain products. They may be ambivalent or apathetic about the drug. They may lack experience with the therapy or a proper understanding of its use and side effects. They may have just had a bad experience with it.

Pharma does not want these doctors to communicate negative opinions about a product. Therefore, to leverage these networks to affect local prescribing, marketers must determine which doctors in the network are opponents and proponents of their products.

Even opponents can be transformed into believers. Marketers should create targeted strategies to address these doctors' concerns and hesitations. For example, marketers can invite opponents and doctors who believe in the product to the same dinner meeting or roundtable discussion. In time, marketers can overcome doctors' resistance to certain products.

Finding these influential physicians can be a challenge. Marketers must continually assess the value of their key opinion leaders and the impact they have on creating brand awareness. Doctors' reputations change, and so do their opinions about the drugs they prescribe. Marketers must communicate with these key opinion leaders and other physicians in the network to keep tabs on their prescribing behavior and attitudes towards products.

Ted Newland
Launches Elsevier debuted an online prepatory program for medical students, USMLE. Elsevier also paired with TEMIS to create the Chemical Entity Relationship Skill Cartridge, text-mining software that extracts chemical information from documents. // The Society of Hospital Medicine launched the Journal of Hospital Medicine, which will contain peer-reviewed clinical and scientific studies about hospitalized patients.

Jerry Godbehere
People Ted Newland was promoted to president and chief operating officer of Edward Newland Associates. // Jerry Godbehere joined The Falk Group as executive vice president and director of client services. // Glenn C. Van Deusen was hired as corporate vice president and general manager of medical marketing services at PAREXEL. // Rachel Williams joined the Eden Communications Group as director of editorial services. Rick Ambrosia was hired as senior production manager. Jessica Killick and Jamie Brennan were both promoted to account supervisors. // Robert Lanza, vice president of medical and scientific development at Advanced Cell Technology, co-edited Essentials of Stem Cell Biology.

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