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Launch to Success
Blockbuster drugs aren’t born—they’re made. Are you doing everything you can to make your product launch great?

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Jennifer Rueb, director of Destination Services Arizona
"It's hard to get excited when you're sitting in a conference room looking at slides," Cooke says. "Our successful launches are based on having a shared experience and getting out there with your company—it drives home the theme of the meeting." To exemplify this point, Pointe South (with the help of Destination Services Arizona) creates scavenger hunts similar to the television show The Amazing Race. Running along a designated path, sales reps are split up into groups and challenged to complete product terminology or identify sales techniques in order to get the next clue. Throw in a few detours and obstacles, including a time limit, rocky terrain, and hurdles, and any rep is challenged to complete the mission. "It's a great way to incorporate a little fun and physical activity into teamwork and success," says Jennifer Rueb, director of Destination Services Arizona. And since the groups start and end on the property, it eliminates additional transportation costs.

McGraw says product launches are dependent on the event's strategies and integration of the conference's theme. "Meeting planners need to trigger every sense so that sales reps can cement the message into their minds when they leave," he says. And companies need to work beyond what they think is satisfactory to really make an impact.

Like dominoes, correctly positioning all the parts of a launch ensures each subsequent piece will fall into place. A memorable launch excites reps, motivates them to sell the drug, and creates positive return on investment. All it takes is a good strong push in the right direction—kind of like knocking down a row of dominoes.


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