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Surround Sound Meetings
You only get one chance to make the right impression. Visually stunning backdrops and over-the-top presentations can make an impact at your product launch.

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With tighter budgets and a tougher regulatory environment, many companies have grown leery of using entertainment at meetings, but it can be an important tool to get attendees comfortable and relaxed. That's important, because someone who is at ease is likely to be more receptive to a new message or a new idea. Entertainment can also help re-energize people as they come back from their breaks. Be sure to think about ways to target the message specifically for the group. Bands and music are fun, but especially valuable is a performer who can do an entertaining skit or act directly related to the message being imparted.

Another hint: Structure break times around game shows like Jeopardy, Family Feud, or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? This is a wonderful way to get people involved—and discover what they know and what they think about certain subjects. The resulting answers can later be used to create personalized programs for the participants.

Location, Location, Location

Meeting planners today tend to shy away from properties with "resort" or "spa" in their names, but location is still crucial for a successful product launch. A hot destination is a strong incentive to attend a meeting, and it also helps create opportunities to deliver a message. Pharma companies need to stop looking at the name, and concentrate instead on what's in the hotel amenities: How can the venue keep sales reps entertained? Does it provide a activities that help make the event memorable and enjoyable?

The key consideration, though, is the presentation itself. The audience needs to be comfortable, and the presentation needs to go off without a technical hitch. So do some research. Make sure all your partners and suppliers can deliver. You have just a few hours or days to present your product. Make sure they are worth the time and money you spend.


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