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Agency Best Practice in Regulatory Compliance
You know the drill: Pharma turns up the volume on the convention floor, and doctors tune out. A focus group hints at a new approach to breaking through.

Pharmaceutical Executive

But the perfect formula for pharma marketing success at conventions isn't etched in stone. Innovative marketers can stand out and attract greater traffic, and reach larger numbers of high-prescribing, influential physicians.

Healthcare professionals who can enjoy a no-detail-zone, get high-value freebies, and low-pressure sales representative interaction at exhibits or booths are more likely to change their overall impression—and prescribing behaviors. And they may desire to return next year.

Pharmaceutical marketers who construct a well-rounded conference presence will fare far better than those companies that simply lock-and-load a snappy display on the show floor. More and more, physicians are demanding substance over style.

"When the patient benefits from good medicine and marketing, then everyone wins," said one of the focus group's primary care physicians.


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