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BRAND Rozerem CLIENT Takeda Pharmaceuticals LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Fine, senior copywriter; Therese Maginot, senior art director; Andy Manilow, senior copywriter; and Stephen Neale, creative director

Ever just crave a decent night of sleep? Well, you're not alone—there are a lot of tired people out there. According to the National Institutes of Health, insomnia affects more than 70 million Americans, and Datamonitor reports that two-thirds of all insomnia sufferers go untreated.

The sleep market holds lots of potential for brands—if companies can create awareness of their drugs, up against Sanofi-Aventis' blockbusters Ambien (zolpidem) and Ambien CR, which have overwhelmingly dominated the sleep market.

Abelson-Taylor knew that to break through to healthcare professionals and create awareness of Rozerem (ramelteon), which entered the sleep category in July 2005, it needed to exploit the significant advantage it held over its competitors.

"We wanted to emphasize our position in the market, which is that Rozerem is the first approved sleep drug that doesn't have addictive effects," says Stephen Neale. While other drugs in the category have since come out with the same message, "we were the first to point that out in such an absolute fashion," he says.

To convey its unique positioning, the four-page Rozerem ad first features an ominous sky—the opposite of Lunesta (eszopiclone) and other brands, which convey calm— with a person sleeping under a floating Schedule IV symbol, which is a classification given by the Drug Enforcement Administration for drugs that demonstrate a potential for abuse. "We wanted to portray that getting a good night sleep can be threatening, with that threat being addiction," Neale says. The second image features a tranquil sky with a person sleeping inside a floating zero—with copy saying the drug has zero risk for abuse.

Mesmerizing Moth

Echo Torre Lazur

BRAND Lunesta CLIENT Sepracor LEFT TO RIGHT: Tracy Blackwell, EVP, executive creative director/copy; John DePalma, VP, senior creative director/art; and Juan Ramos, EVP, executive creative director/art

Most Memorable DTC Ads
The effervescent luna moth flies through the deep, purple, starry night. The moth is gentle, natural, and comforting—just like sleep should be. Below, a woman embodies those characteristics as she sleeps soundly in her plush bed.

While there's no perfect formula for creating a strong brand, by creating a signature icon that breaks through the clutter, Echo Torre Lazur has discovered a strategy for Lunesta that just may be close.


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