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Direct to Consumer: Hit 'Em Where It Helps
In-Store Promotions Capture Brand Interest

Pharmaceutical Executive

Follow-up research also showed that the in-store component of the product's DTC promotional effort had boosted overall prescription lifts significantly: At Albertsons, nearly nine percent of the 21-percent total prescription lift could be attributed to in-store displays, and CVS' pharmacy-aisle information accounted for 5.7 percent of the chain's total 17.6 percent raise in prescriptions for the product.

Consumers don't want to be hard-sold when it comes to their health. What they want is objective and credible information to make the right decisions. In-store campaigns are able to extend the reach and value of a pharma ad campaign. They add impressions while communicating more detailed brand messages to target audiences, when and where they are most receptive to them—in the pharmacy.

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