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Alternative Media: Interactive=Integration
Interactive technology allows marketers to keep up with the demands of both physicians and consumers.

Pharmaceutical Executive

An "information pathway" methodology can identify and segment user needs quickly in order to provide the most relevant information and tools earlier in the value-exchange process. And an interactive strategy should enable each visitor to identify unique needs, access specific resources, and address questions and challenges on individual terms.

Today, we are better able to directly link consumer promotion and educational efforts with sales force interactions for professional audiences. We also can present healthcare providers with parallel information, tools, and training to improve their ability to respond to patients who visit their offices with DTC-driven information. This approach has led to a measurable increase in per-patient value, as well as positive patient and physician perceptions of the value of these interactive initiatives. So it's no surprise that these initiatives now are being showcased as part of sales force and online detailing, as well as DTC advertising and public relations efforts.

Migration to an interactive core allows technology-enabled strategies to keep pace with customer information needs. By providing a conduit for efficient information seeking, more productive physician–patient dialogue, and relationship-based therapy support, we can elevate the value of pharma-driven communications and underscore the industry's leadership vision as activists for improved health outcomes.

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