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Medical Education: Real-Time CME
News-based CME helps doctors stay on top of new medical information and changes in treatment—before their patients do.

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MedPage Today offers CME providers the opportunity to place traditional, long-form CME activities directly adjacent to relevant news information. So, as physicians read the latest news in the cardiovascular section, for example, they have access to in-depth cardiovascular CME activities. Daily e-mail newsletters also are available. MedPage Today is partnered with CNN and MSNBC, which directly targets doctors who use those sites. The service also provides doctors with the option to earn CME credits through a partnership with the University of Pennsylvania. The university reviews and approves all articles and provides the CME accreditation. In fact, 47 percent of return visitors to have visited the site within the prior week. Additionally, the news service saw more than 200,000 completed CME programs in the past year, representing more than 10 percent of the entire online CME market.

Paul Greenberg, MD, is president of MedPage Today, LLC. He can be reached at


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