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Who's Coming to Meetings?
Need to attract the "right" physicians to a promotional meeting? Have to do it on a budget while following new compliance rules? Check out this new survey to see how the rest of pharma lives with a shifting promotional landscape.

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Research methods may include:
»Developing and distributing short studies/questionnaires at meetings and sales calls.
» Conducting focus groups or one-on-one interviews with select members of the target audience.
» Commissioning telephone/e-mail studies among a statistically representative audience sample.
» Sharing results with meeting planners and others.

The meeting format needs to match your audience goals. Nine of 10 companies relied on in-person meetings, while 85 percent said they also use one-on-one, in-person sales calls. (These formats were considered most effective for conveying product information and gaining physician participation.) Recorded information broadcast by telephone (28 percent) and as webinars (46 percent) were the formats used least often.


The Maritz Pulse-Check Study was sent to a select group of 3,337 Pharmaceutical Executive subscribers most likely to be involved with management and compliance issues related to promotional meeting budgets. A total of 61 respondents completed the online survey. Study respondents claim to have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for an average of 18 years. The newest employee reported three years of service. The oldest claimed 35 years in pharma. Nearly one half of the study respondents work at the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, by 2004 revenues.

The data obtained in this study were not a random selection of eligible subscribers and therefore should be viewed as directional only. The results of the study are not representational or projectable to all Pharmaceutical Executive subscribers nor to the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Drawing conclusions about the pharmaceutical industry or Pharm Exec subscribers are not appropriate.

Cindy D'Aoust is senior vice president at Maritz Travel Company. She can be reached at


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