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Sales Management: Gifting Laws Cause Regulatory Woe
New legislation forces drug companies to rethink marketing and sales initiatives.

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Pharma companies find themselves in an impossible situation—trying to define, follow, and track existing and pending legislation. So what can pharma companies do to protect themselves and make sure they are compliant in all 50 states? Here are six practices for full compliance that should help pharma companies navigate this new regulatory minefield:

  • Monitor and act on current and pending state-specific regulations
  • Identify the data requirements needed for state reporting and disclosure
  • Integrate data from sales, marketing and advertising, accounting and finance, and drug pricing
  • Process and align the data by a single view of each practitioner
  • Deliver state-level reports that meet the requirements of each state
  • Proactively monitor and track compliance with state requirements.

It will be up to each individual pharma company to decide how best to implement these six practices.

But make no mistake: Strict state regulations for gifting to doctors are now a reality, and the avalanche is coming. Pharma companies that decide to take a wait-and-see attitude before taking action could find themselves buried under expensive fines, state investigations, and an onslaught of complicated paperwork.

Ron Buzzeo is chief regulatory officer at Dendrite International. He can be reached at


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