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Sales Management: Palm-sized Payoff
Reps are gaining access to detail-adverse physicians by offering large software content in small packages.

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Combining useful disease information with brand identity, PDAs can be used for much more than just data storage. For example, one mobile reference program was built as a comprehensive PDA portal that includes clinical studies, reference material, a dosing calculator, and patient management information. The program, branded to reflect the pharma company offering it, is provided to physicians on a CD-ROM that can be downloaded onto their personal, handheld device.

The PDA medical-reference software includes the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) Staging Handbook, indications and dosing information, clinical data supporting the efficacy of the cancer drug, patient-management information with a dosing calculator, patient side-effects management, and educational and safety information.

Another unique marketing feature is the AJCC TNM Staging Calculator, which flashes a note on the PDA screen stating that a patient might be a candidate for a particular cancer drug. Most importantly, this customized in-context messaging is done without affecting the integrity of the trusted AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook.

The software was personalized and branded for the pharmaceutical firm, becoming part of the company's promotional program. The final product is a tool that serves not just as a physician resource, but also as a cancer treatment tool.

The solution also provided opportunities for reps to make repeat or follow-up visits to offer additional information, updates, or other related material to refresh older—but still relevant—information on the company's cancer drug. This, in turn, kept doctors interested and produced additional questions—and free time.

Access Equals More Quality Time

PDA-based incentive programs range from customizable PDA solutions, integrated with trusted medical references, to the latest editions of valued medical reference material. Such incentive programs are delivering positive results across the board on a number of key success indicators, including more access to physicians. In addition, the solutions are providing physicians with valuable information and tools at the point of care, while continuing to serve as a "silent salesperson" long after the rep has gone.

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