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Thoughtleader: Rob Scott, AtheroGenics

Pharmaceutical Executive

Do you work long hours?

Everybody here is working themselves almost to death. We have a very small team. It's not Big Pharma. We can all see each other's offices. We don't send e-mails to each other when we need to talk. We just walk down there and talk to the person. There's tremendous focus here and people are really excited.

What has it been like to switch from a huge company like Pfizer to a small company in Atlanta?

It wasn't as much culture shock as you might think. I worked for Pfizer in South Africa, which was a small company—about 200 people. So I understand the small-company culture. In a way, it was a bit like coming home.

Rob Scott, MD is executive vice president of R&D and chief medical officer for AtheroGenics. He's been with the company since 2002, when he was hired from Pfizer. Most recently as head of the cardiovascular and metabolic group, Scott was with Pfizer for 10 years. During that time, he handled global development for such products as Lipitor, Norvasc, and Exubera, and served as medical director of Pfizer's laboratories in South Africa, his home country.


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