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Leadership: To Do: Take a Vacation
Most executives spend a lot of time in the air. But it's normally to get to a work-related destination. Next time you hop a plane, do something crazy: Leave your cell and laptop behind.

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What I've learned in my later years is that leaders must focus on "brainrest." Perspective comes only when the venue changes dramatically and you have enough time to mentally remove yourself from the usual office tensions and concerns. "Perspective" is a term that rarely surfaces in leadership articles. We spend our time analyzing "people" and "passion" much more than that other "P" word. But, much to my amusement, a great vacation—with no phones or computer— allows one to truly think of family and friends, the political scene, and the future. These are things that are sometimes tough to deal with when living in everyday work mode. But in the end, they are the things that make us more human, and in the end, more effective leaders.

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