Thoughtleader: John Bailye, Dendrite - Pharmaceutical Executive


Thoughtleader: John Bailye, Dendrite

Pharmaceutical Executive

Does this technology fit well with where the sales force needs to go next, developing that more intimate relationship with doctors and restoring the intellectual content of the detail?

Five years ago, if we wanted to show a doctor an important piece of information that happened to be in video format, we had to lug a television screen and video player around. It was hardly a subtle or rapid experience.

With broadband and the ability to carry lots of data, reps can carry a little telephone and show the doctor a video while standing in the hallway. The process is concise and punchy and the doctor's still walking or standing with reps between visiting rooms. It might not be a 21-inch screen, but our job is to communicate key messages quickly. It will force us to do good communication in 90-second sound bytes. And reps will use it because it's easy and quick and doesn't interfere with the doctor's workflow.

It tells you what the doc's interested in. You can store information about who they consider to be influential peers, and with the right collateral, you can create a work session in the workplace.

The same way wireless technology will profoundly change the interface between reps and doctors, there's probably an outreach here that's going to go into patients. We'll be putting that idea to the test in the first quarter, trying to measure what happens when you bring the patient technologically into this loop of communication. We took technology into sales force operations, we're taking technology into marketing, and we'd like to take technology into the patient relationships that are the inevitable consequence of a successfully prescribed product.

John Bailye has been CEO of Dendrite International since he established the company in 1986, and moved it from his native Australia to New Jersey in 1987. He has been Dendrite’s chairman since 1991. A graduate of the University of New South Wales,where he took a degree in Finance,Marketing and Business,Bailye was formerly the managing director of Foresearch,a market-research firm based in Sydney,which focused on the pharmaceutical industry.


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