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Direct to Consumer: One Size Fits You
Custom-tailored e-mail campaigns yield high marks from consumers.

Pharmaceutical Executive

To opt into the e-mail program, the consumer answers a series of questions. These queries help to uncover the reader's approach to managing her symptoms. The program is able to differentiate women with varying attitudes toward managing their health. Based on how she answers the questions, a series of informational e-mail messages are sent to the respondent and are customized to address the readers' diverse views.

The company has received a plethora of positive feedback, such as, "Without this program, I never would have understood this condition, [and never] would have had a productive dialogue with my doctor without the e-mails that you sent to me."

E-mail marketing is an opportunity to build stronger relationships between pharma companies and consumers. If done correctly, a blend of relevant content delivered over time and segmented to the appropriate consumers does more good than hitting everyone over the head with a two-second product ad.

Daniella Koren is president of DKI Direct. She can be reached at


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