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Pharm Exec honors the most innovative, creative, and thought-provoking ads of 2006—and the people who created them.

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"We found that 'food and family' was a very easy catch phrase for people to remember," Neufeld says. "And when we looked at pictures, we started to see this great resemblance: 'Whoa. He kind of looks like a ham. And this person looks like an apple pie. It was fun. "

Sudler & Hennessey
BRAND Vaprisol CLIENT Astellas
LEFT TO RIGHT: Tina Brancaccio, senior art director, Gary Kruk, VP, group account supervisor, Patrice Lee, VP, group copy supervisor SEATED: Joe Garamella, VP, group copy supervisor

In the crowded, fast-paced world of physicians, it is often the simplest image that cuts through the noise and clutter. Sudler & Hennessey proved this concept with their striking campaign idea for Astellas' Vaprisol (conivaptan). The ad depicted an old-fashioned salt shaker as a visual metaphor for Vaprisol. The message to docs about how the the drug worked was so pitch-perfect that it became more than just an ad concept—it became an icon for the brand.

Vaprisol is used for hyponatremia, an electrolyte disturbance that can lead to congestive heart failure, and works by restoring the equilibrium of the body's sodium and water. Enter one giant saltshaker—with one giant twist. "In this image, the salt is not pouring out—it's being retained—and the excess fluid is pouring out," explains Joe Garamella, vice president, group copy supervisor for Sudler & Hennessey.

The salt-shaker concept was developed by S&H for their initial pitch to Astellas. "It's rare when one of your pitch concepts ends up staying alive not only through the initial branding and positioning stage, but actually is the ad that becomes the drug's launch campaign," says Garamella.

GSW Worldwide
BRAND Zyprexa CLIENT Lilly
LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Rooke, chief creative officer, Matt Mizer, vice president/account director

For its global ad campaign for schizophrenia drug Zyprexa (olanzapine), GSW Worldwide turned the tables on the before-and-after spots mental-health marketers traditionally rely on to dramatize patients' progress. Instead the ads for Zyprexa make their poignant point by juxtaposing a healthy patient paying a visit to their disturbing pretreatment life.

"We allowed the person to say, 'If you are healthy enough to move forward, then you are healthy enough to go back to where you used to be,'" says Bruce Rooke, chief creative officer for GSW.


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