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Pharm Exec honors the most innovative, creative, and thought-provoking ads of 2006—and the people who created them.

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For example, in one spot, a patient dressed nicely finds himself back in the alley where he used to live. Another print ad features a woman returning to her old living room, which is cluttered with televisions and other evidence of her manic buying binges.

The conventional wisdom is that global spots should play it safe with heavy branding and stick to featuring the drug's functional benefits. But GSW created a concept that worked around the world.

"We found that transcendent, human stories speak across borders," Rooke, says.

Cramer-Krasselt/ AbelsonTaylor
BRAND Rozerem CLIENT Takeda
LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Erke, VP, group creative director, Noel Ritter, senior art director, Scott Hansen, VP, creative director (AT), Stephen Neale, VP, creative director (AT)

AbelsonTaylor's professional campaign for Rozerem (ramelteon) made major inroads in the sleep market in 2005. In 2006, AT teamed up with Cramer-Krasselt to go consumer—and a little crazy!—with a TV ad of a talking beaver and a past president. How did they come up with such creative creative? "People equate dreams with a good night's sleep," says Cramer-Krasselt's Ken Erke, VP, group creative director. "So we decided to flip that. If you're not sleeping, you're not dreaming, and thus your dreams miss you."

McCann HumanCare
BRAND Lunesta CLIENT Sepracor
FROM TOP: Andrew Schirmer, EVP, managing director, Jennie Fields, SVP, group creative director, Paul Behnen, SVP, group creative director

McCann HumanCare had one goal in mind with Lunesta (eszopiclone)—to build a strong branding icon. Three years later, Lunesta is the most-recalled ad of the year, and its famous moth has become the gold-standard in pharma branding. "When you have patients asking to try 'the butterfly sleeping aid,' you know you have a brand property that is resonating," says Andrew Schirmer, EVP, managing director at McCann. The logo was first launched in April 2005, but has evolved its focus to include new messaging and creative. "But if you turn off the sound and watch 20 DTC ads, there is no question which one is the Lunesta ad," Schirmer says.

Ignite Health
BRAND Live With It
LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Rohwer, senior interactive producer, Isaac Mudd, PWA, Fabio Gratton, co-founder, CIO, Lawrence Jackson, senior animator, Shane Brouse, senior project manager

Dark, edgy, uncontrollable—hardly the words any pharma marketer wants to hear from an ad team describing its latest creative for a promotional campaign. But the team at Ignite Health knew it needed this outside approach to reach folks newly diagnosed with HIV online. So it decided to finance its animation series "Live With It," which offers a volume of unflinchingly honest insight into doing just that, on its own dime.


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