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Ad Stars
Pharm Exec honors the most innovative, creative, and thought-provoking ads of 2006—and the people who created them.

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Harrison & Star
BRAND Humira CLIENT Abbott
LEFT TO RIGHT: Markus Vaga, associate creative director, art, Pam Alfino, product manager (Abbott), Marjorie Vincent, creative director, Alex Fishgoyt, creative director, art, Gregg Geider, director of client services

Paging Dr. Do More. In early 2005, Harrison & Star got the nod from Abbott to help relaunch its psoriatic arthritis drug, Humira (adalimumab). "Abbott felt that we needed to re-invigorate the brand and give it a new compelling image," says Marjorie Vincent, creative director at Harrison & Star.

The professional-ad two-fer gets up close and personal with the body parts most affected—upper arms, chest, and hands. A patient can identify with either the man clasping the necklace or the woman baring her arms: Look, Ma, no psoriasis!

Any Doc can vibe with the cute Do More character. "The common thread among our target audiences was they all want to do more for their patients," Vincent says.

The Cementworks
BRAND Spiriva CLIENT Pfizer
LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Zamiska, EVP, chief creative officer, Linda Stryker, senior group art director, Andrea Bast, SVP, group account director, Bruce Wortring, senior group copy director

Communicate the world without saying a word. That was what the Cementworks did when it created the global ad campaign for Spiriva (tiotropium), Pfizer's COPD drug. The agency took a rad anti-text route by way of playful visuals and the absence of a verbal pitch to find a new type of ad that packed more punch.

"We were trying to execute the promise of the brand telegraphically," says Peter Zamiska, EVP and CCO. The campaign depicted quotation marks that frame scenarios of patients enjoying the enhanced lifestyle advantages from Spiriva. A picture tells a thousand words. But if those people had to be translated into words, what would they be? "A healthy, active lifestyle," Zamiska says.

BRAND Nasonex CLIENT Schering-Plough
LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Maslow, senior creative director, Jennifer Bennethum, account supervisor, Sal DeStefano, creative supervisor/art director, Anna Fader, associate creative director/copywriter

The allergy market is so packed that patients have more than 100 over-the-counter and prescription products to choose from. As a result, driving consumer choice in this category is critical to a brand's strategy. The bar doesn't get set much higher for a creative ad team.


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