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Back Page: Let's Get Gutsy
Pharma gets no respect from the public. But instead of complaining about it, industry should stop whining and start leading. Here's a seven-point starter kit.

Pharmaceutical Executive

7. A robust pipeline that deliver drugs of real value. The ultimate test for the industry is its ability to deliver scientific breakthroughs. R&D budgets have soared over the past 20 years, reaching $26 billion last year. Yet rising prices, high profits, and ultracompetitive marketing of so many me-too drugs do not square with the public. The pharmaceutical industry must emphasize that it is developing drugs that target the underlying molecular causes of disease. Informing the public about the drug-discovery process through documentaries and op-eds, and other methods, would help create allies when it comes to legislative challenges.

Pam Maraldo is senior associate for Ki Associates. She can be reached at

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